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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Time Capsule Stuffer Extraordinaire

Photo: As only Seattle can do it. Using recycled glass as a drainage material around the time capsule. This is broken glass. I do not envy those people trying to get in the capsule in 2059. Tetanus shots will be mandatory.
Photo: What the heck are they looking at? The final cement layer on top of the time capsule is being enscribed by these children. We'll see if they remember in 50 years....
Time Capsule Stuffer Extraordinaire. That is my new title. Some have said that it is not fitting for the gravity of the job, but considering all the political crap I slogged through (politics=people behavior, not politics=governmental leanings) I find it more than adequate. I think it has a ring to it.
I finally finished compiling and getting a time capsule in the ground with a bunch of well-mannered staff and volunteers. It is due to be opened in 50 years. My own lovely children were not present at the event. Why? Because their dad was having cable installed at his house at the same time. Let's weigh this one out... historic moment that my children could have been one of the few involved who have the chance to be around in 50 years.... or F(*&*(&in' prime time television?
Obviously, the choice has been made. It is okay, because I had 6 surrogate children that morning to carry the torch. I am a bit miffed, I sense, still. My poor kids, I am always shoving them in the limelight where they are not necessarily desiring to be. Next, is to get Rose to play a ghost from the past for a big fundraising event. Please send me good wishes of parental manipulations... I mean honest straight-forward collaboration on this project with my TEENAGER.


Buffy said...

Still not well? Maybe a doctor's in order?

Speaking of dogs, I just posted several photos on my blog regarding dogs. Maybe that will perk you up.

The flooding and the mold. Whoooo, to deal with those things is really a challenge. My house in the desert had a bit of it, but when I remodeled the contractor said it was black, a very small amount and it was probably dead.

See also

Mae said...

Black mold is really really bad. COntractor was probably lying.

no participation by Rose = no driving lessons for Rose

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