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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

1904 tub removal

This only took about a year. I began to strip the bathroom to prepare it for renovation but could not budge the tub. Tried this, tried that, nope... not me! So the bathroom was unfinished. (We do have another upstairs.)

This is the standard cast iron, claw foot, although sans feet and resting on wood. When we moved in the tub had an unfortunate surround of plaster to hide the claw foot sides. The plaster was then covered by a layer of stick-on wallpaper style TILE that was then painted.

For the 70 years that type of tub was not in fashion the sides were hid behind this strange addition. We now need a shower. And this tub cannot go upstairs... the weight alone with water and a person would drop us one story down into our dining room.

Anyone need a lovely, old tub?

1 comment:

Buffy said...

Whoe, what a mess and a very big undertaking. I could see you with a sledge hammer, pic and axe and anything else to get that tub out of all that concrete. You should call "This Old House" or one of those home renovation programs and maybe they'd help you! LOL. On second thought, it may not be a bad idea. You could maybe get some help.

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