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Friday, October 15, 2010


Photo: Not where I work. That would be creepy.
I am so excited! Tonight we have ghost hunters coming to the museum to find any supernatural beings. I just hope it doesn't creep me out from being in the museum after hours.
We have three stories of (minor) terror while in the building, the hunters will do a survey and see what they can find.
I hope I get to use a plasma gun. My only experience with this sort of thing is the movie "Ghostbusters." I am pretty sure this will not be like the movie.
Two questions:
1. Why do we have to meet when it is dark? If there were ghosts here wouldn't they be around 24/7?
2. Why do we have to turn out the lights? Do ghosts really care if the lights are on?
I guess technically that was four questions.

1 comment:

Buffy said...

That's funny. I never thought of that when you see this kind of stuff on TV. It's always in the dark. Have some people said they saw ghosts in there or did the museum do it just for fun or just to see if there are ghosts or maybe because Halloween is just around the corner?

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