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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Quiet on the homefront

It is not really quiet here but I have been laptop-less. I decided it had a bug so took it to a friend who does that for a living (computers). I am not on the computer near as much but thought I could do an update --since it is not still snowing here -- that is but a faraway dream.
I have been busy tracking down hay for the picky horses, "organizing", painting, cleaning, parenting, and washing my bird-bombed cars repeatedly.  I don't know what it is about the birds this year but somedays I feel I am living in the tropics from the cacophany above.  And they certainly make my cars look -- spotty. I am also waiting for my annual spring frogs to start up their singing. The first year I noticed it started exactly on Valentines Day (which I thought appropriate since they are singin' frog lovesongs) the next it was about a month later.  It goes on for months, which I don't mind, even though it is REALLY LOUD.
I have a Sequim story.  Sequim is a sleepy, former farm community(now retirement leaning) supposedly sunnier than the rest of the NW town on the water in Washington.  It is also known for its lavender fields... and I go there for berries every year.  When you google Sequim one thing they don't show is the haphazard development of this town, they choose the lovely farm fields and seashore, which is not what you experience when you first take the Sequim exit.  Anyway.... 
My friend and I went up there on Friday - me to find hay, she to visit since she used to live there.  There was also an estate sale I wanted to go to.  We hauled up there - about an hour away - and I bought a craftman tool storage unit (organizing!) and a giant antique marble table top (I don't know what for! Probably art...)  found hay and a great breakfast place.  I had the Buick which would not fit the tool storage, so drove up the next day with the minivan to pick it up.  They were having adopt-a-dog day at the local coop where I am a member and I met a teeny 8 lb canine (not as dumb as I thought ) and a huge 200lb. St. Bernard (I can't believe how big it was) and miraculously did not come home with a dog.  It is good there are people willing to foster all these pups and pay their medical bills.  End result : found hay and more projects to accomplish.

Courtesy Livia Comandini


Buffy said...

I love day trips like that. Wished you would have taken some photos of that day.

Take care.

Karen Anne said...

That lavender is amazing. I can never manage to keep it alive.

Blue Shoe Farm said...

Buffy, Not having my laptop makes it harder for pics, since I can't just push my camera SD card in the computer. Hopefully I will have it back soon, because I have a scadillion pics to share. Hope you are well down in CA.
Karen Anne, the lavender is amazing, and the fields such varieties of purple when they bloom it is worth a daytrip in the summer.

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