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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Spring frogs

Last night I called the kids outside in the dark.  My son does not like the dark, my daughter was in her pj's.  We stood there together listening to one lone frog call coming from the wetlands.  I don't know how they work that singing thing... are all the other ones just sitting in silence until all thousand start singing at the same time?  What is their signal? Because it really is "all at once".  So Feb. 13th is frog day for 2012.
Unrelated picture since I am lousy at frog hunting: This is little Chuck, who passed away this winter and was buried in the animal graveyard we acquired with the farmhouse.  I know he just looks like a rodent that my cat brings me when she thinks I am a failure as a hunter but he had a big personality, with an addiction to cheese.


DirtyKSmama - Nikki said...

You make me so glad that I'm not the only one who notices things like Spring frogs. They were at it here one day, 2 weeks ago when it was in the 60s, but have been quiet since as the weather got cold. I also point out to the kids the first robins I see, first hummingbird, first day when there's a noticable increase in roadkill (usually possums and skunks.)

Blue Shoe Farm said...

Oh yay, you too! I'm am glad there is another frog noticer out there. I feel bad when they suicide jump in front of the mower and I actually try to swerve... but I know there are a thousand more 20 feet away. Are possums the blind things with the hunchback? I see those and raccoons on the road. And the kids and I yell "dead paper (or t-shirt, or garbage" if we see a lump on the side of the road that looks like an animal but is only garbage. Weird driving habits of our family.

Karen Anne said...

I'm sorry about Chuck.

Blue Shoe Farm said...

Thanks, Karen Anne. Even though he was so tiny, he was loved just as much as our 1K horse!

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