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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Doctors and who to sue if I keel over.

I am putting this in writing.  Today I went to the cardiologist.  I stood in line to check in behind five people, two in wheelchairs.  I sat in the waiting room with a dozen folks.  The average age was 20+ years older than me. Out of a dozen patients... I was the only person in that room able to drive herself to an appointment.
Just figured out the new camera on my computer... don't I look tired after a day of docs?
I am having issues being taken seriously in the doctors office.  I look healthy.  I am sparky. (Oh, especially if I have an excellent double shot of espresso before heading in to the doctors office).  I am eloquent.  And If I am not, I write it down so I don't forget.  I am confident.  I don't whine, cry, or look sad.  Worried, yes.  I want them to take this seriously so I put on my "work face".  The one that I would use to get people to donate money and the one for public presentations.  I need something from them, so I express that need.  My old doctor pre-stroke blew off all my CLASSIC stroke symptoms because she said it was menopause symptoms.  I feel like my cardiologist blows me off because I am female, way younger than him, don't smoke, don't drink (enough), have a healthy heart, am a decent weight, eat well.  When I am in front of him, my heart is fine.  Well no duh.  After telling me I had a small stroke, (when my neurologist calls it a serious stroke) he suggested it was anxiety.  That sounds a lot like he is going down the menopause road.    They can make me feel like a hypochondriac until I remember... nope, not a hypochondriac if I had a stupid stroke people. 

Note: I am the least litigious person in the world.  I am not condoning suing. There is a lack of significant medical studies on women, menopause and embolic episodes, hence a lack of comfort by doctors to venture  outside of the "averages" of prescription drugs and medical journals.. Unless I find a study of some sort -   my medical concerns will not be addressed fully until a) I do have a heart attack or another stroke or b) I age.  Probably need to find other doctors, too.


oc1dean said...

Be careful of that virus that turns on your webcam. I know people that duct tape their camera eye. I don't even bother going to doctors anymore.

Karen Anne said...

I went flamingly hyperthyroid about a year ago. For those of you not having had hyperthyroidism, it attacks pretty much every body system - heart rhythm, weakens muscles including breathing muscles, metabolism revs up to exhaustion. People can die in what's known as a thyroid storm from untreated hyperthyroidism.

Symptoms developed over about a month and were discounted by my cardiologist and the ER (where I dragged myself in when I could barely walk) "You got in here, didn't you? You look all right to me." Age was no help - white haired, nearly 70, but hulking Scandinavian.

Only on the second visit to the ER did a different doctor take me seriously and find the problem.

The first time I had contemplated laying down on the floor of the ER waiting room and not moving until they took me seriously, but I figured they'd just have me arrested :-)

I'm not sure what the answer to this is. Apparently if you have an arm falling off or something you have credibility, otherwise, well...

Blue Shoe Farm said...

Dean, there are days I feel I am approaching going without doctors. I'll keep my neurologist, but toss all the others. I am not quite there yet - I want to think that someone has a clue in the medical field...

K.A., My ma had that happen. Good for you for not giving up!!! So my age theory is not going to help, huh?

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