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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dogs and Electricity

Dog: I took care of a dog last week. Max was a perfect stoic gentleman. Here is a pic of him surveying our trip to the dump.
Electricity: I have been replacing defunct lighting in my house again. This is usually a week long job for me. I know, I know, you all take minutes to do this sort if thing. But my process is more---thoughtful. Here it is.
1. Take down old light.
2. Swear at the dangerously creative electrical rigging of the fixture accomplished by my predecessor.
3. Cover exposed ends of wires while I ponder for a day or two whether to rig more nonsense up to make it work or call the electrician Al.
4. Take truck to shop, care for a sick kid, clean up yard, sweep house.
5. Gaze at ceiling. Bare wires are not so bad.
6. Pull out new fixture from box. Kick myself for not noticing wiring configuration. What the heck. My two lonely wires poking from the wood ceiling with no fixture box would be overwhelmed.
7. Give Max back to his owner. Dust. Clean feathers out of my room where the cat dispatched a bird. Sand drywall. Sit on son about homework (not literally, although maybe that would help)
8. Ponder ceiling.
And that is why it takes me a week to change a fixture.

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