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Monday, February 23, 2009

Feisty - Dogs in the Road

Why do I have a pic of kids as soldiers? That is a very good question, and obviously this will be one of those cranky missives that may or may not connect the dots. Plus I am heavily caffeinated this morning.
Yesterday I managed to miss all the ferries over to work. (or, I missed the ferries that would allow me to get to work on time.)
So I had to drive around Puget Sound, it takes about an hour and a half. Around Bremerton the cars were all stopping with flashers on. I was thinking babies ducks? (too early in the year) Deer? (someone would have "quietly" leveled them with a shotgun).. when I got closer it was a black dog wandering aimlessly across the highway lanes. Many people pulled over trying to catch the dog, and I thought of those stories where people run in front of a train to get their pets. They die, the pets are fine.
Even though I was running late, my inclination was to pull over, too. It was an auto pilot response, not really a rational one. Why is helping a dog that actually seemed to be doing just fine and looked a bit on the pitbull breed side such an auto "HELP" response, but something geographically far-away like genocide or starvation open for extensive discussion with moral implications, political partisanship and inaction so much easier? It is easy for me to pull over and save a dog. (or get hit trying) but it is not easy to help a whole country or even a group of people that may not be "like me" or believe in the same things I do. Especially if I felt like I don't know the 'whole story' or 'the real truth'. Well I am beginning to think that is B.S.

OH, and I am going to start saying I am "passionate" about things... not "feisty" or even "argumentative." (My board of directors is not going to have an easy time with me today... please send them your kind thoughts and best wishes)
Photo Courtesy AP Wire, "DRC Child Soldiers"


rubym said...

MADRE!!!!! why do u ahve to post everything on ur blog i mean its ridiculous aaaaand embarassing (of course) please save some of ur not so personal life for just yourself or family cuz its just weird, okay? oh and F.Y.I. jen and luke ARE NOT ur best friends!!!!!

Blue Shoe Farm said...

Dawdre: I have not even written about Luke and Jen, dear... but thanks for reminding me. Please read todays post, I am sure it will please you immensely. This actually is not personal to me... I am willing to vent that sort of stuff to my coffee gal! Grocery store clerk, bank teller, your teacher... etc etc.

Mae said...

Wow - talk about getting personal and embarrasing....darling minor family member you just aired your dirty laundry for the whole world to read!

Now I think I forgot what I was originaly going to say......Oh yeah. Blue Shoe - you are so hormonal today!

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