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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lucky, lucky day

One day.
Three things:
1. Kids: 8th grade girls can be amazing. Or, at least I will vouch for the 9 I saw go to the Hugo House for a writing workshop today. I feel spectacularly grand that one of these gals is related to me.
2. Beauty: The sky on the way home on the ferry had every color of grey, and blue. It was stormin' far off, and overhead a snap, a slide of blue. The water slapped the side of the ferry hard, but the boat did not rock. The sun caused the top of the water to fragment in endless triangles of dark and light. Always moving, undulating. I sat on the ferry thinking how lucky I am to see this.
3. We moved into our house in the fall. Tonight, as I tucked Wilder in, we were overwhelmed with the sound of frogs lookin' for love in the wetlands. We have decided to catch a frog, although neither one of us has ever done this. Wilder says we need a net with wee holes. I am thinking we just need to be quick. What A Cool Sound! (Of course, in a month if this goes on and on and gets louder I may not be waxing poetic about the cute little froggies)

1 comment:

Mae said...

Be quick, use your hands because then you wont hurt the li'l jumpers. If you grab them with a net you can't tell how rough you are being. I am sure some naturalist will now blast me for recommending the wrong thing...but hands have always worked for me :-)

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