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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I have something veeery inportant to say (daughter's blog note)

Ok, this is Rose and I have a comment to make about my mom's most resent post. the post was the one about how lucky she was and how wonderful I am and yea... AWKWARD! I mean seriously, all me and my friends did was make a poem out of random words and this magazine thing called a zine that my mom is now obsessed about. The only fabulous thing about it was how fun it was (for me!!!) and some peoples poems. NOTE: I have genius artsy writer friends who are amazing writers and draw-ers. Another good thing was the coffee my mom got for me and our carpool afterwards (thank you mumsy). Now, after all that blabbing, I have an actual point. And that is... (drum roll) YOU ARE EMBARRASSING MADRE!!!! That's it :)

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