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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The New Horse Fence!

Here is a pic of our new fence and gates. It is not quite done, I still need to run a 2" band of hot turbotape along the top. Note the horse that is actually located behind the fence, not leaning over the knee-high (former) field fence. I threw a before picture in there, too. Can you find it? I was teasing the fellows who built it that they built me a horse fortress. And compared to what was there before, it is.
I have 6"-8" treated round corner posts, 4" treated field posts, and 4' Red Brand non-climb horse fence that I could not find anywhere in my county except at Lowe's. Go figure. Total cost of materials was around $2000. Labor was another $1800. Much better than the $9,997.00 I was quoted and yes, horses are an expensive habit.

Pictures top to bottom: 1. Old fence and Strider. See that it is below his knee? Yes, I have placid horses. 2-4. New fence.


Anonymous said...

I sent an email, but I'm not sure it went through. Your fence looks awesome. Too bad you have to do all that driving to take the kids to all their activities. That's funny - Ryley taking all those Lego pictures with your camera.

Buffy said...

Great job! Makes your property look really clean cut. Luckily you don't have cross fencing like I have on my ranch. With the winds we get in the high desert, the winds get a hold of all of he wood and pushes on them until the posts start slanting. I've repaired them twice and paid dearly for it. Six months later, they looked like I didn't do anything to them.

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