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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

When your camera is taken over by an 11 year old

I went to my trusty Pentax to get some before and after photos of the (wicked old) and (lovely new) horse fence. What I found was about 200 photos of legos. Wilder mentioned he wanted to use my camera for some stop-action storylines of his sets - I just didn't think it would be such a prolific number. The blurriness could add action to the story... or... it is hard for him to hold a big camera, a bunch of lego dudes and then press the shutter button. He really needs to find his own camera again!


DirtyKSmama said...

That is exactly what I have found on my camera, from my 11 yr. old daughter! Tons of photos for stop action. Something about those Star Wars LEGOS...

Blue Shoe Farm said...

Hey! You have an 11 year old that does this? Star Wars seems to be the popular storyline.
And a question for you:
Are you Dirty Kansas mama or Dirty K's mama or.... I have always wondered. Do you have a blog?

DirtyKSmama said...

I'm dirty Kansas mama. We spent the last 5 years moving from Port Angeles to rural Kansas, and building our house on 20 acres. Once the drywall was taped, I've done all the rest - paint, tile, trim, landscaping. I usually have paint splatter in my hair or dirt under my fingernails. So the name fit and helped me stand out from other Nikki's on blog comments.
I don't have a blog, but if you're on FB, I post some stuff there for my Seattle friends to see what the heck I've done with my life.

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